What is a confectioner job?

Confectioners create, cook, shape, and sell candy. They are a mix of chemist, pastry chef, and designer who creates sugar and carbohydrate rich food items that look and taste amazing. ... That means confectioner jobs are here to stay!

How do I become a confectioner?

Advanced positions require extensive culinary, sugar, and chocolate experience and leadership skills. Confectioners do not need postsecondary education but may find an associate's degree or certificate helps them find employment. Work experience and specializing may also be beneficial.

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Confectioner Job Description

A confectioner creates sweet treats such as candy, chocolate, and other similar goodies. Some confectioners may work in a cafe or restaurant, preparing gourmet candy, while others could be working in their own boutique shop. Some work in product development, working with big companies to create the next new candy bar. Here are some of the tasks a confectioner might complete in a day: Coming up with new dessert dishes Creating new ideas for candy Product development Testing new candy ideas Preparing sweets and candies Cleaning

Confectionery School and Training Programs

Confectioners have a love of baking and all things sweet. Continue reading to learn more about the schools and training available to you, as well as the salary potential for this job and how to get professionally certified. The term 'confection' refers to many different types of sweets, such as candy, petits fours and chocolates. People who want to learn more about baking and decorating these desserts can attend confectionary training programs. There are a variety of training options available, depending on your long-term goals, including on-the-job training, an apprenticeship or a short-term certificate program. You may also decide on a degree program for more in-depth studies.


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What Will I Learn?

Regardless of which type of program you pursue, you'll learn food safety and preparation skills throughout your training. Some schools have on-campus restaurants where you can work and apply the skills you're learning. Specific topics included in your confectionery training may be similar to the following: Sugar work Chocolate techniques Fondant Marzipan Flavorings and colorings Showpiece creation Pastillage (sugary dough used for decorations) Production methods Presentation techniques Cost management

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1800£8 weeks
  • The course opens for a new intake of 30 students every 4 months.
  • The course will be taught as :
  • • 4 Weeks Online Education
  • • 4 Weeks Practical Work


1800£8 weeks
  • The course opens for a new intake of 30 students every 4 months.
  • The course will be taught as :
  • • 4 Weeks Online Education
  • • 4 Weeks Practical Work

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